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Written by Paul D. Race for Big Christmas Trains(tm)

    Farm-Themed Villages and Accessories

    Click to sign up for the 'Trains-N-Towns™' newsletter, with articles about display villages, indoor railroading, and much moreSeveral years ago, Hawthorne Village, the world-class manufacturer of holiday village collectibles, negotiated with the John Deere company for the right to mint certain collectibles that would display the quality that John Deere's products and history deserve. Customer response was huge. In fact, every single John Deere village, train, and village accessory that Hawthorne Village ever sold is now unavailable (including the one shown in the title photo - sorry). So we've broadened the scope of this page to include other brands and manufacturers, and as we come across any John Deere-themed trains, villages, and accessories, we'll post them here, too. We have even posted a John Deere-themed train set that none of our preferred vendors have, just in case you want to go looking for it yourself. Sorry for any inconvenience.

    Update, 2016 - Bradford Exchange, who distributes the Hawthorne Village products shown on this page has recently been forced by the attorney generals of several states (including Ohio where I live) to stop letting folks in Ohio and other states recommend products we like. If we keep it up, Bradford Exchange will have to start collecting sales tax for any customers in those states who order from them. So they have sent out an e-mail asking me (and hundreds of other people) to cease and desist recommending products we like.

    It will take us a while to get things on these pages reconfigured to reflect the new requirements, but in the meantime, please consider the rest of this page an archive of past recommendations, for informational purposes only. We would never dream of continuing to recommend Hawthorne Village products that we liked in 2014 and still think highly of!

    Note about Suppliers: While we try to help you get the products you want by recommending suppliers with a good record of customer service, all transactions between you and the supplier you chose to provide your trains or other purchases are governed by the published policies on the supplier's web site. So please print off any order confirmation screens and save copies of invoices, etc., so you can contact the appropriate supplier should any problems occur. (They almost never do, but you want to be on the safe side.)

    Click to see this train set on AmazonJohn Deere Model B Express

    This is an HO train made by a classic model train manufacturer - Athearn. A few are available through Amazon vendors as I post this, although it's not something Amazon carries themselves. This not a toy - they recommend ages eight and above, and I would recommend supervision when setting it up and learning to operate. Athern has made at least other John Deere train, with slightly different markings, so if you like this one you might want to start looking for previous models.

    Click the photo above to see a bigger photo and more information.

    Farmall Tractor Express HO-Scale Train Collection: Farmall Delivers

    Farmall Tractor Express HO-Scale Train Collection: Farmall Delivers

    Now you can own a piece of America's farming history with this first-of-a-kind Farmall HO-Scale train set exclusively from The Bradford Exchange, Hawthorne Village Division! Your built-to-last collection begins with Issue One, diesel locomotive. Soon, your collection will continue with Issue Two, coordinating engine with FREE HO-gauge track set!. Your Farmall HO-Scale train collection is then enhanced by Issue Three, flatbed train car with removable sculptural tractor, plus your FREE power pack! Additional coordinating Farmall train cars, each a separate issue, will follow.‡These amazing Farmall tractor collectibles are richly detailed with colorful vintage graphics, classic Farmall logos and agricultural imagery. The handcrafted collection also includes removable sculptural and hand-painted replicas of classic Farmall tractors and the cars even light up! Strong demand is expected for this exciting first-of-a-kind train collection, so order now!

    Farmall Illuminated Holiday Village Collection

    Farmall Illuminated Holiday Village Collection

    The American farmer and Farmall tractors - for decades this winning combination worked the land side-by-side. Now you can preserve a piece of agricultural history from this bygone era with this first-ever Farmall Holiday Village Collection. Each illuminated building in this collection is adorned with festive holiday decorations and "snow." Your collection begins with Issue One, Farmall Holiday Barn with FREE vintage Farmall H Tractor figurine. Soon your collection will continue with Issue Two, Farmall Country Bread Basket, Issue Three, Farmall General Store, with FREE "Gus the Farmhand" and "Mom" figurines, and additional Farmall Holiday Village buildings, each a separate issue to follow.‡This farm collectible is available only from The Bradford Exchange, Hawthorne Village Division. Each tractor and building in this collection is handcrafted and then hand-painted in classic Farmall red. It's sure to be a conversation starter with holiday guests, and will look great on a mantel, shelf or table. High demand is expected from farm and tractor collectors, so order now!

Sorry, we don't have a link here - none of the vendors we usually work with have this in stockJohn Deere RS-3 LionChief Remote Freight TrainExpress

As of this posting, none of my preferred vendors have this in stock, though several folks I don't usually work with seem to have one or two. Frankly, if you can get one of these, you'll be very satisfied with it. I put it here for your information only. Too see a bigger photo and a detailed description on the Lionel Trains site, click here

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