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Learn about using Cricuts, Silhouettes, and similar devices to create accessories for your model railroading, war games, putz house, or other hobby.
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Polar Express Baggage Car - Lionel has also added a lighted baggage car for your Polar Express train.

Please click on a button to check price and availability.Please click on the button to check price and availability.

Click for bigger photo. Polar Express Elf Hand Car - If you want to give your Polar Express a break from time to time, set this on the track and watch the comic action as the elves try to reach the handles to pump this car. Not many stores seem to have this in stock, so if you want one, order early.

Please click on a button to check price and availability.Please click on the button to check price and availability.

Lionel Mickey's Holiday To Remember Disney Christmas Train Set

This train uses the same old-timey American-style 4-4-0 locomotive as the Coca Cola train below. However the colors are a little "deeper," with a metallic finish, giving it a unique sort of warmth just right for the holidays. Disney-themed trains tend to sell out very fast. This one is so new they don't even have a full description out yet, but it looks for all the world like Mickey is chasing Minnie around the load on the gondola car. I've seen closeups of the locomotive, and the paint job is very nice.

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Lionel O Gauge Coca Cola Anniversary Train

Lionel Coca-Cola 125Th Anniversary Vintage Steam O-Gauge Train Set

This is a new, very popular Lionel train that will sell out quickly. It includes the "General-style" old-timey locomotive, two freight cars, and a caboose. To see a slightly larger photo of the locomotive, click on the photo to the right.

Update for 2018 - For all intents and purposes, this train is sold out. Amazon has still has some links to vendors selling them at higher prices than they cost new, so I'm leaving this listing up for the serious "Coke" fanatic. Also as a reminder not to wait too long to pick up any train you're pretty sure you "need."

Click the Amazon button below to see availability and price.

Other Coca Cola Trains and Acessories - If you like this train and would like to see other Coca Cola-themed trains and accessories to go with them, please visit our Hawthorne Village Coca Cola Train page. Even if you want to sick with Lionel trains, you'll find that the Hawthorne Village Coca Cola Railroad Accessories collection adds a great deal of interest to your railroad or Coke-themed Christmas Village.

Lionel Santa's Helper Christmas Lionchief Set

This Christmas-themed "work train" uses the same Docksider 0-6-0 locomotive as the Gingerbread Junction train below. Since it doesn't look just like the bigger trains on this page, it's a nice "second train" to add on to an existing train set. It's entirely compatible, of course.

Click the Amazon button below to see availability and price.

Lionel Gingerbread Junction

This is Lionel's first Christmas train to use their little 0-6-0T "docksider" locomotive. Again, if you click on the photo, you can see the clever paint job. This is a smaller train physically than most on this page, because the locomotive is smaller and doesn't have a tender (coal car). Also the caboose is a 4-wheeled "shorty" caboose. But it's unique colors will certainly appeal to folks who connect the Christmas season with gingerbread houses and sugarplums. And if you need a smaller train than the other ones on this page (say you just have room for a circle of track), or if you want to add something distinctive to a Christmas railroad you already set up, this could be "the ticket."

Click the Amazon button below to see availability and price.

Longer Trains Need More Track. All of the trains on this page come with Lionel's new "FasTrack," which looks better and goes together easier than traditional O-27 track. To give your train a little more room to run, consider adding a few pieces. This 10-inch Straight Track Section is the same as the pieces that come with the Polar Express and the Hogwarts Express. Please click on the button to check price and availability.

Lionel FasTrack Curves A set of four curved pieces, along with a few more straight pieces, will give you many more choices of how to set up your Polar Express Train. These are what Lionel calls O-36 curves, the same curves that come with the Polar Express. Please click on a supplier button to check price and availability.

Lionel FasTrack Railer - The Railer is used to help you and your family easily roll your locomotives and rolling stock onto the tracks. No more fiddling with the wheels to get them on correctly. Instead, you set this on top of the track temporarily and "feed" each car through it to get it onto the track. Great for kids who are just learning about trains. This product works with all the train sets on this page.

Improved O Gauge Thomas the Tank Engine Set Improved! - Thomas the Tank Engine Set

Lionel has upgraded their popular O Gauge Thomas set. Thomas's eyes move as he goes around the track, pulling Annie and Clarabel. Two Railway Workers and Sir Tophman Hat are included, as well as enough of the new, more attractive FasTrack track system to make a 40" x 60" oval, and the CW-80 transformer for more power.

To check price and availability, please click a vendor button to the right.

O Scale AccessoriesIn addition, the O-Scale Accessories page includes many relatively inexpensive details such as bridges, fencing, and stations, that will bring life to any O-Scale or O-Gauge railroad. Click on the picture at the right to see that product page.

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